Seniors into GF and Premier A

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Seniors beat SKOB’s, that means a GF next week and A grade in 2015!

The picture says it all, the thrill of victory! The boys showed their true class and determination in beating SKOB’s by 5 goals in the preliminary final, the reward is a crack at Blues in the Premier B GF as well as promotion to Premier A in 2015.

Three weeks ago we played SKOB’s in the final home and away game at their ground, TH King.  It was a significant day for both clubs as we played for the McHarg McKaige trophy in front of SKOB’s victorious 2014 B grade senior and 2nds premiership teams.  The end result SKOB’s thrashed us by 70 plus points and leap frogged us into 2nd spot.  The loss cut deeply and was the catalyst that Coxy needed to speak openly with the boys about their apparent lack of mental toughness, being able to withstand the opposition’s pressure and play out games.  The result being in the next two weeks the boys rediscovered their form, beating OM’s in the elimination final having displayed a great deal of mental strength and followed that up last weekend to inflict a revengeful loss of SKOB’s.  Leading all day the boys were magnificent, their pressure, tackling, harassing and physicality wore SKOB’s down.  Three weeks ago SKOB’s dominated us with clean ball use and run, this time they had no clear space and had to chase us all over the big Elsternwick Park.

I could bang on about the game but its best summed up by the VAFA on their website:

It’s the hardest match in amateur football to win, the Premier B Preliminary Final and Old Carey saw of the challenge of St Kevin’s to win by 30 points at Sportscover Arena. Old Carey were held goalless in the second and St Kevin’s came at them in the third to level the scores before Carey steadied with late goals to take a 32 point lead into the final term.  Two goals each to Freemantle, Reid and Roach plus the standard output from Old Carey’s engine room of Bongetti, Roach, Rice, Howat and Smithwick had the Panthers respond to the SKOB challenge in the game then run away with it. Richardson and Parker also played great roles across half forward.

The win for Old Carey will see them play University Blues in the Premier B Grand Final next Sunday. Both Blues and Carey will now return to back to Premier Section a year after they were both relegated.

For St Kevin’s it was another finals loss, a ninth on end at senior level since they last won the Premier B flag in 2004. Kicking into the breeze in the first quarter they managed just the two minor scores, When they had use of a strong 3-5 goal northerly in the second they were unable to convert their chances. The misses ranged from difficult chances to a miss from the goal square where Gabelich, after receiving a 25m penalty to take him to the goal line failed to kick it over the man on the mark who got a hand to it. The result for all St Kevin’s dominance was a quarter that netted them just 2.9.

Whilst SKOB were the first side to kick a goal to the Glen Huntly Road end of the ground with the first two of the third, they then watch as Old Carey kicked seven of the next eight goals. Tom Cunningham and Steve Salopek kept running all day for St Kevin’s but in the end the top end class of Old Carey stood out.

Old Carey 5.5, 5.6, 10.9, 12.15 (87)

St Kevins 0.2, 2.11, 4.13, 7.15 (57)

GOALS, Old Carey : S. Freemantle 2, J. Reid 2, T. Roach 2, M. Laidlaw 1, G. Parker 1, B. Smithwick 1, N. Richardson 1, C. Howat 1, C. Jones 1

BEST, Old Carey : R. Bongetti, T. Roach, C. Howat, J. Rice, N. Richardson, J. Joslin

So to this week and a grand final shot at Uni Blues, the form team of the competition in 2014.  It’s a credit to both clubs to have rebounded so well and quickly, both relegated from Premier A  in 2013 and back in 2015.  The match will be at VAFA HQ, this Sunday 14th September at 2.30pm.  In keeping with the tradition of 2010, Cookie will again be hosting a GF lunch as a lead in to the game.  We will have the customary guest speaker(s) and lots of fun as we all prepare for another massive day for our club.  Last weekend we had good numbers at but you all can do better, so please EVERY ONE of you make the effort and head to Elsternwick Park and witness our club take on the might of Uni Blues, who knows we may be re-enacting the scenes of 2010 and another PANTHER PREMIERSHIP.  Wouldn’t that be nice!