Women's v Wesley Collegians

Round Number 9, Saturday, 17 June 2017

  • Opponent: Wesley Collegians
  • Match Result: Loss
  • Played at: Away
  •  Q1Q2Q3Final Score
    Us 0.0 0.2 0.2 3.3.21
    Them 3.1 3.5 6.5 8.5.53

Our first twilight match brought a new level of mandatory player empowerment given the enormity of the ground and the transition to the full effect of the lights meant that the coaching bench had absolutely no idea what was happening when the ball was on the other side of the ground! 

Maybe we were unsettled by the delayed start due to the injury in the men’s game or the unfamiliar surroundings but Wesley pounced and kicked 3 goals in the first five minutes. We regrouped magnificently and held them goalless until the third quarter where they snuck away for another 3 majors.

Six goals down at three quarter time and we faced a choice as to whether we would continue to dig in and hold Wesley up or capitulate to a potentially ugly loss. To the absolute credit of our team we piled on three goals to two and won the final quarter. This was a statement of defiance by our ladies, a steadfast refusal to accept a thrashing.

In fact, I rate it as one of our best games of the season. Wesley are undeniably a more talented side, they can string a chain of possessions together that we still aspire to and penetrate deeper with their kicks. But our commitment to the contest was magnificent, we were rarely beaten one on one or around the packs and our relentless talking pressure really earned respect. 

Great work also by our band of volunteers, trainers and injured helpers; Abby’s Dad twiddled the knobs on the time clock, Lizzies Dad waved the flags in perfect unison, Geneva’s dad covered the long boundary line with athleticism and poise and Maddie’s sister worked the water bottles like a barman at the Harp! Thanks guys.

Importantly we wore arm bands to show our love and sympathy for team mate Nicky and her family on the passing of her mother earlier in the week. Thinking of you Nicky!

Greg Harding


Goal Scorers

Lizzie H, Tev, Georgia

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