Women's Grand Final v Old Camberwell

Round Number Grand Final, Saturday, 19 August 2017

  • Opponent: Old Camberwell
  • Match Result: Loss
  • Played at: Away
  •  Q1Q2Q3Final Score
    Us 0.1 0.2 0.3 2.4.16
    Them 2.2 2.4 5.6 5.7.37

Contrary to our plans Camberwell jumped us with two early goals. They were onto early in the clearances allowing them to get the ball to their hotspot from where as we know goals will come. We tightened up but couldn’t score a major in the first quarter.

The second quarter was a real grind, we controlled the pay in our forward half but couldn’t find the opening, Camberwell’s pressure around the packs was amazing.

We were right in the game at half time and came out full of belief. Unfortunately, a three goal to one quarter against left us under real pressure.

In the last quarter we were starting to grind them down and an amazing team goal lifted our spirits. But time beat us, all credit to Camberwell, they played a great game.

So we lost the Grand Final by 21 points.

Maybe Camberwell deserved it more, maybe they didn’t. Maybe if we had been a little luckier, maybe if the ball had just bounced our way in some big moments it might have different. All of that is subjective. What is certain, what is unequivocal and what is unarguable is that we played the game with the highest level of commitment and with as much intensity as was possible. And that we played as a team for each other, for those not in the 24 and for our club and for our friends and families. So we must be proud! If you, like me, have moments of regret and maybe a little sadness, console yourself with that fact.

So what did I observe this season?

I saw raw courage from ladies who came to training for the first time, for some, handling a footy for the first time, all tentative and unsure as to what to expect but prepared to give it a go.

I saw your rapid and extraordinary improvement. Handball after handball, kick after kick, smiley face after smiley face, shephards, smothers, stoppages, free kicks, goal kicks.

I saw part bewilderment and part terror on your faces in the warm up lanes in amongst the mens teams in the early weeks.

I saw apprehension as we introduced the physicality of the game and watched your confidence grow as you learned to cope, then give it back!

I saw nervousness as we approached our first game and the disappointment of our first serious injuries.

I applauded the amazing effort of our Team Manager consumed amongst the pre-season logistic nightmares of marginal numbers, the countless hours of registration and the kitting out our uniforms, especially those flattering shorts!

I saw the amazing support of the broader Old Carey Football Club; the mens teams, the Prez, Fothers, all the senior coaches and club stalwarts. And of course our fave, Braddles.

I was thrilled by the selection of our extraordinary captain Tev and leadership group all of Taz, Matilda and Maddie all of whom who set an exemplary standard on and off the field and the development my sensational co-coach Em whose commitment and value to the team was nothing short of amazing.

I felt the joy of our first win and the jubilation of us singing the song together.

Then the sharing of grief for the passing of a team mates mother.

I observed some on field moments of genius, craziness, madness and sheer audacity along with plenty of dropped chest marks, missed kicks, kicking the wrong way and mass confusion.

I marveled at some big hangers, long bombs, bone crunching tackles, super shephards and sausage rolls.

I saw ridiculous fines and terrible karaoke.

But mostly I saw a group of gorgeous young woman become a family and I marveled at all the gorgeous lumpiness and bumpiness and acceptance of our shortcomings that goes with it. Some tears yes, some tantrums maybe, but a family yes, in our first season. 

Friends for life?

You bet.

Who would have expected that?

Coach out!

Greg Harding


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