Women's v Old Camberwell

Round Number 12, Saturday, 15 July 2017

  • Opponent: Old Camberwell
  • Match Result: Loss
  • Played at: Away
  •  Q1Q2Q3Final Score
    Us 1.1 2.1 2.2 2.2.14
    Them 3.1 6.3 10.7 13.8.86

You have to give credit to Camberwell for their creative tactical play of moving the match forward to a very very early start. Clearly concerned about the prospect of playing Old Carey they resolved to cover the ground with frost and feign lack of keys to keep us out of the change rooms until the last moment. Rumors were rife that they also kidnapped our trainers to further throw us off our game!

Unperturbed we matched Camberwell in all aspects of play, our first half in particular was extraordinary! It was a real arm wrestle, just a couple of lucky breaks fortuned them a four goal break at half time. A skillful side they are capable of transitioning the ball from goal to goal line with clean possession. Despite maintaining our effort level in the second half they had a few moments when they kicked quick goals flattering the scoreboard from their perspective. Even their coach congratulated our team saying that their ladies knew that they had really been in a match today. It was a good a game as we have played this year. 

A few individual acts of note, hard running from Lizzie and Marli, relentless tackling from Maddie, a sensational tagging effort from Liv, another directionally challenged kick from our ruck and a unique horizontal tribal pack dance complete with squealing from a prominent half back flanker.

As ever we were well supported by our volunteers with Lizzies dad in his customary white coat, Maddies dad pounding the boundary, Morgy and Tab running messages and water and Nicky running the clock. Thanks guys!

Two matches to go team, we can play finals in our first year if we want to. It’s up to us!

Greg Harding


Goal Scorers

Lizzie, Taz

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