Round Number 13, Saturday, 22 July 2017

  • Opponent: Parkdale
  • Match Result: Loss
  • Played at: Away
  •  Q1Q2Q3Final Score
    Us 0.2 4.5 5.5 7.12.54
    Them 5.6 6.7 11.8 11.8.74

Missed Opportunity   

This is a game we had set our sights on for a long time, Parkdale are the only team that we have beaten so far this season, they had been having a really tough year and we set our sights ion this game as our opportunity to get another win and start a run with a relatively good draw for the last 4 matches in the season.  Conversely, our opposition were pinning this match as their opportunity to get their first win and they were HUNGRY!

The ground was huge and had a very strong wind blowing to one end, in the first quarter we were kicking into this breeze and our opposition took full advantage, they played hard and well in the conditions.  We missed two opportunities to score goals into the wind which would have stood us in good position for the rest of the game 5.6-36 to 0.2-2

Second quarter was our chance to claw back with our turn kicking with the wind, we did OK booting 4.3 but Parkdale did what we could not and scored 1.1 into the wind.  The first half ended with us trialling 6.7-43 to 4.5-29 with our opponents playing the conditions better than us and showing more hunger for the contents 

Third quarter we set two goals, 1. To keep the opposition to 4 goals and 2. To kick one goal against the wind – we were very close, Parkdale kicked 5.1 (their accuracy was astounding) and we kicked 1.0 to go into the last quarter 45 points down but with a massive wind behind us.  11.8-74 to 5.5-35 

We were great in the last, we had all the ball in our half and kept Parkdale scoreless, BUT sadly our kicking was disappointing kicking 2.7 in the quarter and we lost by 20 points in the end.

Full credit to our opponent, they were much better prepared, played the conditions well and wanted to win more than us.  

Dave Pocock


Goal Scorers

T. MacReady - Bryan 2, S. Cambridge 2, N. Pentney, W. Cushen, T. Rule

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