Thirds v Fitzroy

Round Number 16, Saturday, 12 August 2017

  • Opponent: Fitzroy
  • Match Result: Loss
  • Played at: Away
  •  Q1Q2Q3Final Score
    Us 0.1 1.1 5.4 6.6.42
    Them 8.2 13.7 19.10 22.15.147

An ugly first half, followed by a decent second half to finish off a tough year.

Last time we played Fitzroy, we were 22 points down at half time and got beaten by 112 points, it was clear that with Fitzroy needing to win and maintain a good percentage to stay in 4th to play finals, they say the first half as a major opportunity, so this time they jumped out of the blocks against us in the first half, they absolutely dominated us by dragging us away from their full forward (the league’s top goal kicker) and giving him space to dominate us – this he did! With 8-9 goals to his name in the first half.  By half time, Fitzroy were up by 78 points at half time 13.7-85 to 1.1-7

In the second half we made a pact that we would work better as a team, we were not first to the ball in the first half and we needed to have more FUN! It was the last game of the year after all…

We kicked the first goal of the second half and the team was up and running and excited to deliver a better effort – our midfield won some ball with Billy Croxford tapping to Palozzi & tom Maher beautifully and regular delivery through to TMB & Reddish well

To combat the opposition Goal Machine, Zac Lisle & Tom Roach did a tandem job down back for us

The results in the second half definitely improved and in isolation, the second half was much more respectable on the score sheet and in the physical contest with our opposition

 Second half was 4.3-27 to 9.8-62 and the match ended up 22.17-147 to 6.6-42   

It’s been a tough season as you can see, to put in in perspective, I am happy with a 100+ point loss!!! But I honestly feel that we have played lots of new players and we played in a very tough competition so I am proud that we fielded a team every week and we tried hard and have created a platform for the future if the guys can stick around.

Dave Pocock


Goal Scorers

M. Reddish 2, C. Pentney, C. Ahern, T. MacReady - Bryan, M. Pallozzi

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