Seconds v Parkdale

Round Number 13, Saturday, 22 July 2017

  • Opponent: Parkdale
  • Match Result: Win
  • Played at: Home
  •  Q1Q2Q3Final Score
    Us 3.1 5.5 7.7 9.12.66
    Them 3.3 4.4 6.4 10.5.65

Each week I start the report with ‘must win’ -or- ‘important match’ and this week was no different.

The Thursday afternoon version of me was very confident we had the side that could ease away with the 4points; however by the time the first bounce arrived I wasn’t quite as confident.

4 changes including 2 on Saturday morning left the side a little wobbly looking.

Despite starting well, the above and some poor pressure had made for a tense close contest.

We had the ascendancy in the middle at the tap, but were often outworked away from the contest.

Tagan Carter-Taylor was a force early and Nick Morris looked prominent. A few challenges were thrown out at quarter time to find a little more [19-21].

The second commenced with stoppage after stoppage across our half forward line – 10 minutes of toil finally resulted in a Carey goal.

We restricted Parkdale to a single goal for the quarter and this was in part due to the desperation displayed by Rhett Mitchelhill.

The other standout backman was Sam Bailey in his first outing at this end of the ground. [35-28].

Ben Coull in the ruck was having a real solid game and when we rested him forward in the 3rd he became an avenue to goal for us.

Discipline was a bit of an issue across the park with several players from both sides serving time in the sin bin and a number of 25 penalties resulting from carry-on.

Just 9 points separated the sides at the final break, it was going to take one hell of an effort [49-40].

The first 15minutes of the quarter things seemed to work in our favour, we were keeping Parkdale at bay, James Courtot was monumental and he had a chance to stretch us to 16points late.

The shot missed and before we knew it, two goals gave Parkdale an unlikely 1point lead with 60seconds to play. We launched the ball forward and it went across the goal line for a rushed behind, levelling the score with 20seconds left.

You would have thought the game was done there (I’d prepared the “it’s a draw speech”…) But as luck would have it, the kick-out pinpointed ruckman Ben Coull. He moved it on quickly to the top of the square, where a symphony of fists knocked the ball toward the forward pocket.

Tagan Carter Taylor pounced and slammed to ball onto his boot. The kick, under great pressure, was only ever going to register a point, BUT that was all that was required.

The siren sounded upon the signalling of the point and rather than celebrate, we counted ourselves lucky. An escape from jail.

Sam Hassett


Goal Scorers

T. Carter-Taylor 3, J. Courtot 2, N. Morris, Z. Lisle, B. Coull, C. O''Brien

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