Seconds v Old Scotch

Round Number 1

  • Opponent: Old Scotch
  • Match Result: Loss
  • Played at: Home
  •  Q1Q2Q3Final Score
    Us 2.1 4.3 5.5 9.5.59
    Them 4.2 5.5 10.8 11.11.77

Best Players: D. Clarke, H. McQueen-Miscamble, J. Rice, T. Newton, L. Hall, K. Rodenberg

After spending 2016 in a diabolical place, the Old Carey Reserves had a power of work to be done to rebuild any semblance of respect.  Despite knowing internally that we had worked hard, only one thing was going to demonstrate whether we could regain that respect and that was competing valiantly for four points.

The side was reminded pre-match of where we’d come from and where we needed to head and the immediate response on the park was magnificent to see.  A scrappy first quarter, pushing into the breeze saw us within a couple of goals of Old Scotch, who always compete well in reserve grade and were grand finalists not more than six months ago.

In the second; we won the quarter. In the depths of last year we might nearly have sung the song! We came in at half-time just eight points in arrears and filled with belief we could take the match.  To this point Daniel Clarke has starred and Joel Rice appeared our key threat up forward.

Our third quarter started OK and then Scotch got a bit of a run on. The stoppages fell away a bit and Scotch got out the back as we started to let our opponents get a bit goal side.  The match got a bit testy and we couldn’t get our hands on the ball to change the tempo and stem the bleeding. We came in at three-quarter time annoyed that we’d given ourselves such a last quarter task (trailing 35-68).

In hot conditions, we backed ourselves to run it out strongly, Henry McQueen-Miscamble & Lochie Hall ran out the game strongly and a shift up onto the wing saw Ed Aujard come into the match in a big way.  If we took a few more of our chances I might be telling a rosier story BUT in kicking four goals to one in the last quarter we were very proud of our efforts and understood the body of work which remains to aspire for finals.  The first win is right around the corner and from there anyone knows! Final Score 9.5.59 – 11.11.77

A big congratulations goes to Zac Lisle, our Co-Captain [along with Jeremy Cator) who celebrated his 100th Game – You’ll seldom come across a better clubman!

Sam Hassett

Goal Scorers

D. Clarke 2, J. Rice 2, J. Cator 2, E. Aujard, T. Newton, N. Morris

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