U19s v Fitzroy

Round Number 4, Saturday, 30 April 2016

  • Opponent: Fitzroy
  • Match Result: Win
  • Played at: Away
  •  Q1Q2Q3Final Score
    Us 2.3 4.9 9.12 12.17.89
    Them 4.1 5.2 6.3 8.7.55

Best Players: A. Smith, J. Haynes, J. Athanasopoulos, A. Archibald, E. Aujard, D. Long

Round 4 saw us play Fitzroy at The historic Victoria Park in Collingwood.  Going in we knew that if we stayed close throughout the game that our fitness on this massive ground would play a major factor in the result. 

The first quarter saw us start well with two quick goals from centre clearances and good forward-line pressure. From here we lapsed with our pressure and Fitzroy took advantage of the wind and kicked four late goals to lead 4.1 to 2.3 at quarter-time.  I asked for more tackle pressure and spread from the contest from the boys and that is exactly what I got in the second quarter. Although inaccurate kicking meant that we didn't fully capitalise on the wind advantage, we did only allow one goal against us in the quarter. Half-time saw us leading 4.9.33 to 5.2.32

The feeling was good at half-time and all I asked is that we kept playing unselfish football and sharing it around inside 50. The boys followed the instruction and it showed on the scoreboard as we kicked away and led at three-quarter time 9.12.66 to 6.3.39. 

The final quarter I asked that we don't let the pressure up and let them back into the game. Credit to Fitzroy they had to take the game on and they did, but once again our run and carry with the ball was great to watch. We ended the game winning 12.17.89 to 8.7.55. 

All in all it was a good game, although we still have plenty to work on including our goal kicking!  Thanks to all the supporters who continue to turn up and cheer on the boys every week. 

Nick Andrews  

Goal Scorers

A. Smith 3, D. Clarke 3, B. Maughan 2, B. Dalton 2, C. Aitken 2

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