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Round Number 13, Saturday, 16 July 2016

  • Opponent: St Bernard's
  • Match Result: Loss
  •  Q1Q2Q3Final Score
    Us 1.2 3.2 4.4 5.4.34
    Them 11.2 21.4 29.7 37.10.232

Taz’s second game as stand-in Reserves coach started differently to his first.

He was confronted by opposition officials who insisted that he was on the wrong ground. Now as the away team you recognise the possibility that you are setting up in the wrong rooms – but as the home team you can be pretty confident that you’ve gotten it right, particularly if you go to the same place you always go. I guess you can understand the desire of anyone to run out on Dunshea – but you’d reckon they’d follow the home team’s lead.

Something different again at the first clearance - #64 for Old Carey swoops on the ball breaks clear and sends it deep into our forward line. It’s James King on the park again almost 12 months to the day to being diagnosed with a career-threatening broken navicular bone. From the day he swapped crutches for a moon- boot Kingy has been doing everything possible to get back on the park. Since the first day of pre-season, he has barely missed a training night. He spent fair chunks of time on the interchange bench on Saturday, but he was hard at the contest throughout and had quality possessions in every quarter. As Okie said on Thursday night – you set a great example to everyone, KIngy.

Throw into the mix Sam Rimmo. A knee reco a couple of seasons ago, a successful comeback in the States of all places last season, a steady build up at training and back into action again on Saturday. It’s musical numbers with Rimmo #28 this week. Not surprisingly it was #28 at the bottom of pack after pack and #28 whose tackles always stuck.

Compared to the length of time these guys have been off the park, Benny Coull’s six-week layoff with a nasty ankle injury doesn’t sound a lot – but Coully has worked tirelessly to get back on the park in the shortest time possible. The longer the game went the better Coully played and his return to the Seniors isn’t far off.

Regrettably many things – like the margin on the scoreboard – were frustratingly similar.

Our interchange bench soon disappeared. Wags was limping with a nasty cork, and Lids Central was nursing a sore knee which sounds suspiciously like a bit more than a jarring. Good luck with that Lids.

Wrighty did his regular thing taking an injured player to hospital. This time it was Spence with concussion. We hear you’re okay now Spence, but you mustn’t make yourself available for selection until you are absolutely ready.

But as always with our club good things keep happening. Out of retirement comes Matt Reddish with a made-to-measure club jumper proudly sporting  #1. And in the back corner of Bulleen on a run is Sammy Hassett

It was great to have so many helpers that we didn’t need Bear to hold the fort

Thanks to Taz for the insights you always give to the players. Reidy can come back knowing his team continued to give it a crack

Best Players: J. King, M. Pallozzi, B. Coull, A. Candlish, M. Mazzocato, Z. Lisle

The Proud Panther

Goal Scorers

A. Richardson 2, M. Pallozzi, B. Coull, Z. Lisle

Results - Rd 1, April 7

THIRDS vs      TBC
WOMENS    vs      TBC
UNDER 19s vs      TBC

Next Round - R2, April 7

 Home     2.00pm Carey Bulleen
Home    11.40am Carey Bulleen
UNDER 19s vs  TBC

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