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Round Number 12, Saturday, 02 July 2016

  • Opponent: St Kevins Old Boys
  • Match Result: Loss
  • Played at: Away
  •  Q1Q2Q3Final Score
    Us 0.0 0.0 1.1 1.1.7
    Them 6.5 12.13 18.19 27.25.187

Best Players: W. Guiney, C. Macrow, S. Virtue, H. Moore, M. Driver, Z. Rose

It’s hard to front up on a cold day in July when your season’s scorecard shows zip-11. Your coach’s words of encouragement are being filtered through Facebook from the other side of the world and your Assistant Coach is lacing up his boots next to you. Wags is playing.

Regular teammates in Sam Comley, Sam “Bear” Hassett and Lewis Nixon have withdrawn through injury and Jerry Cator and Jack Harris have been called into the Seniors. Through injury and work commitments you have only been to a handful of training sessions during the last season or two year – but this is your club and you are going to do all you can to keep it moving forward.

You are called into the pre-game meeting by none other than co-coach of the Seniors, Michael Tarrant. Taz is fired up. He tells you that he has watched the Ressies play every week and has admired your commitment to this great club .He tells you that he knows you will give your all – and he exhorts to urge on your teammates whatever the score

It soon becomes apparent that your opponents have a number of players who have played senior footy and the scoreboard quickly turns sour. But neither you nor any of your teammates throw in the towel. You are tired and sore – very sore – after the game but you’ve done your level best. As you limp out the door you give Will Guiney a special high-five because he has played a marvellous game by any measure.

You look Taz in the eye – and nod your head when he thanks you for your efforts and tells you he’s looking forward to seeing you after the break. You hang around with your teammates and settle in to watch the Seniors.

You have earned the right to celebrate with them later.

The Proud Panther

Goal Scorers

Z. Rose

Results - Rd 1, April 7

THIRDS vs      TBC
WOMENS    vs      TBC
UNDER 19s vs      TBC

Next Round - R2, April 7

 Home     2.00pm Carey Bulleen
Home    11.40am Carey Bulleen
UNDER 19s vs  TBC

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