Round 18 news

Round 18 news


Dunshea salutes farewell to Premier A……………

Sadly our time in Premier A grade is, for now, almost over, with just one game remaining to play, away to De La Salle. 

We played our last home games in the major league last weekend with the seniors no match for a more desperate Collegians, despite plenty of pre match hype and self-belief.  The coaches had asked the boys to prepare as if it was a finals game, and with Collegians still a chance of being relegated we knew the game would be played up tempo. 

Despite the good preparations our chances were soon railroaded as they have been some many times this year with two first-quarter game-ending injuries, and another early in the second.  From there we tried valiantly but simply could match Collegians who got the win and the reward: A grade in 2017. 

The 2nds played better, but like the seniors didn’t have enough depth and talent available to match their opponents as the game progressed. 

The Unders played well in patches but weren’t able to go with top-placed Parkdale, so no finals for them but they can have a break before recommitting to a big pre-season.

Despite the on-field challenges we continue to be upbeat and have already commenced plans for 2017, firstly player retention then recruitment.  Paul Gaff is heading up our recruiting subcommittee and has engaged the players to assist. Paul correctly states it’s the players that are best positioned to start the engagement enlisting Paul and others as needed

That’s not to say we won’t actively explore specific individuals, however we have asked every player that intends returning for 2017 to bring a new player with them, allowing the club to expand and develop.  To make this work and keep everyone accountable Paul has appointed several established players to the position of recruiting captains, with the broader playing group reporting in to the captains, who, in turn report to Paul.


So to this week’s games, our last in A grade (for now).

We get another crack at De La Salle, away at their East Malvern, Waverley Road ground.  De La was the form team in the first half of the season, before injuries and travel hit hard. Regardless they will be keen to finish off with a win, given last week’s disappointment going down to OM’s. 

Although it’s a nothing game for De La, so maybe if we can kick straight early we can get some ascendancy.  It would be great to finish off with a win and go into the pre-season with that in mind.

Historic Girls Football at Carey Bulleen was a great success           Screen_Shot_2016-08-26_at_4.42.57_pm.png

History was made last Saturday on Dunshea with the first ladies football match played between Carey and Wesley girls, representing both old boys football clubs.  Big thanks to Collegians, Rod Nancarrow and OC’s Alan Fotheringham for making this happen.  Both clubs were delighted to have the girls play and hope this is just the beginning of their football journey.  We will use 2017 to plan for a girls football team in 2018, so stay tuned.  Pictured above is Carey’s past principle and VAFA VP, Phil De Young presenting a Sherrin to the best player, and by the look on Phil’s face he had the girls guessing for a while.

Seniors this week: it’s Panthers v De La Salle!


  • Seniors v De La Salle: 2.00pm, Waverley Oval, East Malvern
  • 2nds v De La Salle: 11.40am, Waverley Oval, East Malvern
  • 3rds season complete  
  • U19’s season complete


Cookie’s kitchen closes out with 50 for lunch


Big thanks to Simon Beasley for joining us in Cookie’s kitchen for a bit of Q&A over lunch.  Simon always has a great story to tell be it about football, racing, stock broking, Pert, Melbourne, Bali…… He is such an engaging person and it was our privilege having Simon join us as we closed out another season of home lunches at Bulleen.  Thanks to all of those loyal supporters who came along throughout the season.  I’m sure there will be plenty more lunches and special guests already queued up by Cookie for 2017.


$5 Grand in the Hand, run and won……..


It was a great afternoon at the Harp of Erin Hotel with approx. 75 attending (players, coaches and supporters) as we conducted the raffle.  We started at 2.30pm with the joint winners being announced by 5pm.  It all came down to the final two balls, with 200-game past player and club captain James McQuie holding one live ball and the Players (Footy Trip) holding the other live ball.  After a quick call and some discussion the deal was done with both parties splitting the $5000.  There was a massive roar as we announced the winners - reckon the footy trip will get a few extra going now given the cash bonus.

I want to express a massive thanks to those that kindly helped out with ticket sales, I know it’s a pain and a big ask to sell them, but it remains the club’s major fund raiser.  For the record we sold 286 of the 300 tickets, netting the club $9,100!!


2016 B & F Night


Mark this down in your social calendar now, Thursday 29th September (AFL grand final week and Friday is a holiday).  Follow this link to book: HERE


Match Reports

Stay in touch with the games, following this link to our website, win, lose or draw we will publish the results and the coaches reports.


See you at De La for one last game in A grade ……. for now!



Paul Newton

President, Old Carey GFC

Results - Rd 1, April 7

THIRDS vs      TBC
WOMENS    vs      TBC
UNDER 19s vs      TBC

Next Round - R2, April 7

 Home     2.00pm Carey Bulleen
Home    11.40am Carey Bulleen
UNDER 19s vs  TBC

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